About Us

Once upon a time ⏳, in a place next to somewhere (basically, very far-far away 🌍), lived the kind of guy that every man-loving girl dreamt of ✨ (yep, for once this is not another story about a princess πŸ‘Έ - so thank God I'm not Disney! 😫). The problem was that, none of the girls knew that he was the one they dreamt of πŸ’, because in their dreams he appeared "tall, dark and handsome" πŸ‘€, lived in a "mansion in one of the leafy suburbs" 🏑, rode a "white muscular stallion" 🐴 (this is starting to sound like the 1960s girl's dream guy πŸ˜’), has an "exotic accent" πŸ’¬ (Julius Malema's accent doesn't count as exotic 🚫), and has "more digits on his bank balance than the letters on his name" πŸ’² (hoping that his name is not Xi Yu πŸ˜‚). Okay, pardon the voice in brackets that keeps interrupting πŸ˜”, I'll explain it in one of the posts.

Anyway, little did they know that their dream guy was a bit "not exactly" how they imagined him (a lot "not exactly" πŸ˜’). Basically, they could know that it was him if they could only hear his thoughts (and use some bit of imagination πŸ’­).
So one day he decided to go beyond his "God given" disguise (I hope this is not blasphemous πŸ™†), and started a blog πŸ“ - about himself (so self-centered 😏). Basically to start expressing himself beyond his limiting exterior (love my looks by the way - I have the most beautiful hands ✋πŸ˜‰, and that's about all the looks I have 😐).

Okay, enough with the drama πŸ˜‘! This is basically a blog about diving 🏊 into some random guy's deepest thoughts - "straight" random guy's deepest thoughts (you have to clarify these days! So pardon me! πŸ˜•). I'll be sharing with you thoughts about random stuff (basically, things you always wished to hear from a guy's point of view - other than your own if you're a guy yourself). Oh, forget that I said I'm a random guy 😐, I actually consider myself an alpha male 😎 (without the expected physical features πŸ’ͺ - which I think it was a wise decision for my Maker to deprive me of πŸ˜‘). So this is a rare access into the "popular guy's" head (sort of - because real popular guys are too busy being popular that they actually don't have time to make blog posts! πŸ˜’).

So yeah, that's it 😐- I'm just here to balance the scale . I think there are too many women out there talking about women, so I thought maybe it's about time a guy (straight guy) writes a blog about what goes on in one man's mind (maybe a glimpse in to other men's minds too - bye bye bro code! πŸ‘‹πŸ˜•). I actually wrote a blog post before writing this brief (long...) "About Us" summary (thesis πŸ˜’), which I think explains, in a very short neat form, how this blog came about. So you might want to check that out (because I actually forgot what I said there, and I'm too lazy to go look for it myself πŸ˜‘). It's titled, "First Glance At Mr. Fantasy Guy" (P.S, you could just click on the titleπŸ‘ˆπŸ˜’).

Don't forget to subscribe πŸ“« to hear more of what the "bracket guy" has to say (dude! You're so lame.). (I just put a period, you didn't have to put another one after the bracket😠), tell that to the queen - I didn't invent the English grammar πŸ˜’, I'm just following the rules (well, whoever made the rules is inconsiderate. Didn't he or she think one day there'd be the "bracket guy"? πŸ˜•)... Dude, let's stop... This conversation is starting to look weird 😐, we'll continue it elsewhere in private (fine! πŸ˜’).