First Glance At Mr. Fantasy Guy

Okay, just so we are clear: this is a blog written for everyone 👫👬👭, but it's about guys 👦 and is written by a guy who is very much straight thank you for asking 😑 (wait, why do I have to declare my gender?! 😕)! And the reason I decided to start it is because I've read too many blogs about women 👩 written by women 👩 (for self-empowerment purposes of course - "forewarned is forearmed" type of situation 😑). Don't get me wrong, I'm all for women empowerment (Womandla! ✊ - it's a South African thing 😑), I just think it might be refreshing  to read about guys from a guy's (straight guy's 😂) perspective. I'll be writing about a whole bunch of stuff, from what guys face on a day to day basis, to what goes on in your crush's mind when you finally decide to make a move on him 😒.

DISCLAIMER: Opinions expressed anywhere in this blog are my own, and are in no way prescriptive to anyone's situation - so, go see a real shrink (coz I ain't one 😒). I'm simply just thinking out loud 💭.

So why use the web address ""? Well, it wasn't my first choice 😐. In fact, I had no plans for this blog at all (true story 😒👌), I started it so I could simply put this domain to use since the owner refuses to take responsibility over it 😠- and yes, the owner is a guy 😑, and yes my fellow female counterparts, I now know what is like to raise a child alone. So I would like to apologise on the behalf of all "trash" (from the self-proclaimed president of trash 😞).

P.S: That other guy is not the owner, just someone who the domain was initially intended for. I'm the owner! So to you good single parents - you are the owner ✊! 

Anyway, we'll refer to this website as "Fantasy Guy", not only because I'm too bluedy handsome (when you look at me from the perfect angle, and the lighting is just right 😑), but because I'll be giving you premium VVIP access into the rare mind of an alpha male who is sometimes unintentionally sexist, patriarchal, misogynistic, and egotistical - basically a dream guy for every man-loving woman 😒 (A note to feminists: I'm not suggesting anything, relax!)

This blog post was actually intended to scrutinize the famous "Mr. Prince Charming", my good old rival, but I ended up changing it to set the mood for what's to come. And the emojies came as a pure coincidence - I swear I didn't intend to use them 😕! But let's be honest, they're kinda cool, aren't they 😏😃?! Anyway, I'll leave the discussion to you guys (as if this blog has any followers 😔). Ignore my other voice (the voice in the brackets - due to self-diagnosed multiple personality disorder), and help me answer the below questions

Is there a type of guy who fits into every woman's mould of "fantasy guy"? And if so, can every man turn or be turned into one like we see in those movies where an 'ugly duckling' type of woman is given a transformative make over that turns her into a 'Kim Kardashian' type (or whatever your idea of a beautiful woman is, mine is Amandla Steinberg 😊)? If so, how? If not, why?