Feeling of love from a guy's perspective

Before I fell in love ❤ for the first time I always had these weird misconceptions 😕 that I think everyone who's never been in love has. The most basic one was that when I would finally meet "the one" 👸, there would be an instant unmistakeable connection (Boy! Was I wrong!😔). Another one I thought was that the relationship would somehow be symbiotic and spontaneous 🔄, but again, I found that's not how things work 🚫.

P.S: I blame you Disney for misleading me! 😐

Okay, let me tell you how it actually happens for me 😌 (this love thing). By the way guys✋, this blog is not one of those that you have to go through a whole bunch of nothings before you get to the juicy 🍖 part. Here we get straight to the point 🎯 (hopefully😅), so let me get straight to it.

I've been in a few relationships 💑, and I believe in each one of them there was love to a varying degree (at least from my side 😒). Being a picky guy that I am 😕, most of my relationships started because a girl made a move 🙋 or did something that caught my attention - come to think of it 😐, I've never just went for the pretiest girl in the room 👀, there was always a deeper reason 👳.

It would always be the type of situation that would see us exploring our similarities and differences  in a way that complimented each other ♻, as if we're challenging each other in duel of compatibility - while paying special attention to small strokes of unspoken understanding, as if we're getting caliberated to one another. During this exercise, if we're not compatible ❌, then the whole thing would feel awkward and tasking 😟, but if we got each other on that level that scientists haven't yet been able to explain ✔, we would actually find ourselves filled with the kind of intoxication  that I think the phrase, "I would die for you", comes from.

And although I'm talking about me, I say "we" because at that moment it actually feels like you can feel what the other person is feeling 💖. Even if you can't read their thoughts, you kind of understand what they want. It's a kind of feeling that, unless you have felt it before, you wouldn't understand. For me falling in love is the perfect give an take situation, and I'm not talking about material, but rather, your inner most self - the kind of self that you can only really appreciate and enjoy when you're giving to another person (and I'm not talking about sex). I'm talking about an understanding of the mind, body and soul (heart is part of the body, by the way 😑). That's love for me 👌.

Another misconception that I think we should all be in agreement about is the one that says a person only falls in love once ☝. I think that's a dangerous type of lie that's causing some of the crazy things that are happening out there. People are killing each other because they think that there's no life beyond a break up 💔. Some have restraining orders against each other, some are stalkers, and some have taken their own lives over this lie (Disney I hope you're reading this. I'm not suggesting anything by the way 😑).

So I just want to say to whoever is reading this, you're always going to fall in love with different people at varying levels 📊, and that doesn't mean one level of love is the last or only true love, it just means for that time that's what feels most right. And that could end for different reasons, but that shouldn't be the reason to take any drastic measures ⚠.

Just remember that love is most beautiful when it's free ✈. Yes I've been jealous before in my life, but not over love. Knowing that someone loves me out of their own free will, without any form of coercion, moreover, out of so many people out there who might have or be so much more than what first attracted her to me - that's super special! That's why I will always have deep respect for all my exes. The fact that I never had to use any tricks on them, either to get or keep them, gives me the kind of pride that brings tears to my eyes. Love is sweeter when you're genuine. I'm not talking about "being an idiot" type of genuine. We all have different sides, and there's always the best side. So when I say, "be genuine", I mean put that best side on display. If it's part of you, then you won't get tired of it. True, not everyone is going to like the real you. In fact, many people might reject you (probably because they're fake themselves looking for other fakes), but believe me when I say once you make a connection in that state of being yourself, there's nothing that can beat that feeling. Even when the whole thing comes to an end, it ends with a sense of accomplishment 😊, which is something that I think is part of the reason we're alive - to accomplish stuff 💁!

I'm gonna end this post here. Just remember to subscribe to this blog so that you don't have to miss any of my posts. I think the next one is going to blow your mind. Adios! (Wait, why do I feel like saying a swear word after that?... I blame you Hollywood 😕)